One Life To Live Spoilers : November 30 – December 4

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One Life To Live Spoilers   November 30   December 4 soapsabcghspoiler1 jpgGeneral Hospital Spoilers, week of November 30th to December 4th

Maxie works triple time to save her life and career.

Michael is TROUBLE.

Liz is playing with fire, and is caught doing it.

Dominic’s parents are getting closer.

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Maxie works hard to keep her secret (sleeping with Franco) from Spinelli. To make her life even crazier, Franco uses her to get to Jason. Franco sends Jason  a present that‘ll make Jason visit Franco’s website this week.

Michael is skipping school, being a pain for the Cops, and using his Mob-Prince titles to scare people. Jason is not happy of course. But that’s the least of Jason’s problems. Really? well, Jason finds out that Franco know that Michael killed Claudia. O.ow.

Lucky senses something is off with Liz so he gives her an opening to back out of their engagement. Liz doesn’t. She acts like everything is hunky dory. But then goes and so something naughty with Nikolas. Unfortunately for them, Rebecca catches them.

Sonny and Olivia competes on a cook-oof. Oh how fun. Then they kiss. Awwww. Dominic and Lulu kiss too. Another karaoke night awaits us at Jake’s. Arrrgh.

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