One Life To Live Recaps : September 1st

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Here’s a rundown of One Life To Live Recap, September 1st, Tuesday

One Life To Live Recaps   September 1st brandon buddy zumawirewestphotos179792 20080619 cob jpg# Todd witnessed Cole selling drugs to another kid. He snapped pictures of the drug transaction with his cell then asked Tea’s advice what he should do with them. Tea suggested to go to Starr first. John was able to arrest Justin, the kid who bought the drugs before he could actually  use ‘em. Daddy Mayor Lowell is not happy. To save Cole from being named as the dealer, Nora stepped in and said she’ll let Justin go if he goes to a drug program. Lowell pulled a Maor acts and demanded his son be un-cuffed. Back at his campaign headquarters, with Dorian in tow suggesting he uses Justin’s current drug situation as a platform for the campaign. Lowell asked a private moment with his son and from there, Justin confessed to buying the drugs from Cole Thornhart. Bo and Nora listens in when Lowell contacts Serge about Cole.

# Speaking of Tea, she called Ross for a divorce with a fat settlement but Ross won’t give her one unless she gives what he really wants. After Blair found out, she convinced Ross to agree with the “divorce”. So Ross called Tea back and gave her the good news. Tea then asked Todd for a ring coz she wants an engagement ring, darnnit. Over in Tahiti, Blair is rejoicing that Tea bought Ross’ agreement to the divorce.

# Fish’s parents are coming to Llanview. Layla and Christian encourage Fish to tell them about being gay. Fish said they should meet his parents first. He appreciates their help and support but he’ll find a way to keep his sexuality a secret from his parents as long as he can.

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