One Life To Live: It’s Punk Day In Llanview

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INFphoto_409549 There were a lot of punking (faking) that went on in Llaview today. I thought I was watching reruns of Ashton Kutcher’s Punk’d show on MTV.

Punk’D 1: Stacey Fakes Her Labor Pains

Yup, Gigi’s crazy sister decided it’s time to fake her labor. Her water broke, oohhh, ahhh, it hurts labor, TV style. Gotta give it to BFF Kim for being so supportive. Too bad the Schuyler, who thinks he’s the BabyDaddy. is not very cooperative with the medication that they need. When Rex left to get Stacey a lollipop or perhaps ice cubes, Schuyler came back empty handed. The guy actually has a conscience. Plus ne knows science too. He’s not about to risk his child’s life. He thinks it’s his anyway.

Punk’D 2: John  Fakes It

So Brody shot John. Then John looked at his bloody hands, then dropped on the floor. Marty starts going hysterical. The Commissioner starts his rampage. He and Brody had a few nasty exchanges while the reporters kept asking questions trying to make  it worse. They were too busy arguing that they missed John’s hand grab on Marty’s wrist and John’s wink at her. Brody of course saw it but he kept on egging on the commissioner. The ambulance came, Brody was hauled off to jail. Brody was able to tackle the 2 cops and got away. He met John and Marty at the parking lot. Marty was finally told of the staged play. But she can’t go wherever John and Brody are going. That would be better of course. Their ride showed up, I knew then that it was Natalie. And of course, it was. And they were off to save Jessica.

Punk’D 3: Jessica Punks Mitch

Jessica pleaded to Mitch that whatever he’s planning could leave her invalid or worse dead. What then? Mitch is confident that it will never happen. Smarty Jessica decided to fake her cooperation. Fine fine, she’ll take care of Stacey’s baby. But she needs to make a list of all the things they need to prepare for the baby. A crib, so on and so for and a humidifier in the corner. Too bad Jessica couldn’t wait a few minutes for Mitch and the lady to be steps away from her room before whipping out the cellphone and calling Brody. Mitch caught her and now Jessica is back in getting her memories erased.

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