The Boys Of One Direction Are So Modern That They Stalk A Girl’s Twitter Before Having Sex With Her

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I just read a fascinating article about how the man-boy-toys of One DirectionNiall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik — figure out which girls to date. It's #romantic, it's #endearing and it makes me feel the need to switch my Twitter handle to @OneD4Lyfe69.

To think that I came into work today thinking that chivalry died on the 4th season of Real World/Road Rules Challenge, and that I'm leaving the office like Meg Ryan walking through the credits scene of a '90s romantic comedy. Isn't life just the best!

In an article in Heat magazine that came via my frenemies at Hollywood Life, Niall Horan's brother Greg said the following:

The boys use a girl’s Twitter feed to help determine if she’s serious dating material! “They test out girls to make sure they are trustworthy,” Greg tells the magazine. “[Niall] will follow you on Twitter for a while and suss you out, make sure you’re genuine and have you out – then go for it.”

Why do the boys use Twitter for help? It saves them time, Greg says! “[Niall] has a lot of female friends that he goes out with, but he’s not going to start seeing them seriously because he doesn’t have the time.”

He also adds advice for any girls hoping to be Niall’s future girlfriend: “…Watch what you’re saying on Twitter. Make sure you’re coming across as genuine.”

Forget everything you've ever heard about dating. Because Twitter is where it's at. As long as you're good at conveying your trustworthniness in 140 characters.

For example, if you wanted to date Niall, I'd tweet something like, “My BFF told me a secret and I'm not telling anyone. Also, she's ugly, but I don't care bc I'm a good person who is genuine.”

And he'd tweet something back like, “how far would you be willing to go on the first date? BJs cool or r u prude?”

Then you'd start dating and get married and be in love forever and ever and ever.

(Photo: Mark Cavill/WENN.com)