5 Random Celebrity Products, As Inspired By The One Direction Toothpaste Line

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So in recent and totally ridiculous news, One Direction has announced they they are going to release a line of oral hygiene products. Yup, the boys have teamed up with Colgate to make all directioner fantasies a reality: that’s right, now you can have One Direction in your mouth! Huh? How do people not see this as strange? These boys are not dental hygienists, and didn't Niall Horan have braces?  If I’m going to buy toothpaste it’s because it’s going to help make my teeth glisten like Ross’ in that one episode of Friends, not because One Direction told me to.

Listen, I’m not entirely one to judge. When I was younger I bought everything Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, I didn't care what it was. However, over the years some of these products have become increasingly more bizarre.

This inspired me to see what other random celebrity products were out there. I was touched to learn that celebrities  are really concerned with our breath, and what we look like in the morning. Good looking out guys! Anywho, take a look at what I found and see if anything tickles your fancy:



image via: brushbuddies.com

Lady Gaga Toothbrush

If you’re not a fan of One Direction (please stop lying to yourself) then you can have a different celebrity in your mouth with the Lady Gaga toothbrush.  The best (strangest?) part? This one actually sings.

image via: mtv.com

Miley Cyrus Shampoo

After you're done brushing your teeth, hop in the shower and wash your hair with this Miley Cyrus shampoo. Okay, what bothers me most about this is that – and correct me if I’m wrong –  Hannah Montana wore a wig! That’s not even her real hair, so how am I supposed to look like her after I shower? It’s not like it matters anyway since Miley Cyrus went ahead and cut off all of her gorgeous hair.

image via:  bieberology.tumblr.com

Justin Bieber Nail Polish

I know this one is pretty recent and well known, but it's also the most puzzling celebrity product. Can someone please explain to me Justin Bieber knows about painting nails?

image via: amazon.com

Rihanna Umbrella

Is it raining outside? That’s okay, you can stand underneath Rihanna’s umbrella. Literally. This one isn't as random but seriously, this has got to stop.

image via: crownjewelscondoms.com

Royal Condoms

While I’m pretty positive Kate Middleton and Prince William  are not officially endorsing these, I think they should. Or maybe Prince Harry should considering he’s so scandalous these days.

Photo: Patrick Hoffmann/ WENN.com