The Wanted And One Direction Get Into A Twitter Fight, Force Their Parents To Ground Them For A Week

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one direction yellingWhile you spent your Sunday night doing mature adult things, the boys of One Direction and The Wanted got into a Twitter fight that reminded me of a “your momma is so fat” diss-off I had with a friend in 3rd grade. (For the record: I won with your momma is so fat, when she sat on the rainbow all the skittles fell out.) While I've known for a while that these boys have beef with each other, I assumed it died down now that they're all a little bit older. But apparently they only  got cockier with their later curfews, their brace-free teeth and their combined growth of 26 chest hairs.

the wanted throwing santa hat

So what's this fight about and what do you need to know to fit in at the 7th grade lunch table today? Well apparently One Direction keeps mentioned The Wanted during their Take Me Home Tour, which forced Tom Parker from the Wanted to be all like, “sttaaahhhpp!”… which caused Louis Tomlinson from One Direction to be all like “jealous??”…which caused Tom Parker to be like, “uhhhh no, you're a baby!”… which caused Louis Tomlinson to be like, “um no, you're THE baby!”…which caused Tom Parker to be like, “if I'm the baby, then why are you the one with the bottle in your mouth!?!”…which then caused Tumblr to explode.

At some point Liam Payne from One Direction and Jay McGuiness from The Wanted jumped into the fray and before you knew it they were all sent to separate corners by the adults in the room and encouraged to think about why they got a time-out. And while the four of them reflected on their behavior, someone on both their management teams did a litlte clean-up and deleted almost all their tweets. Which means that all we're left with now is a screenshot and an urban legend about what went down last night.



What does this all mean for you and your Monday? There's probably going to be lingering tension in your office, your classroom, your couch or wherever it is that you spend your Mondays. Lines were drawn last night and battles were fought and it's impossible not be on one team or the other. So to quote one of my favorite One Direction songs, “speak softly and carry a big stick.”

(GIFS: Tumblr/Tumblr)