One Direction’s New Music Video Just Made Me Cry, And I Don’t Care Who Knows It

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Harry Styles Story of My Life One Direction video

One Direction has released their video for “Story of My Life,” the song they teased on Twitter with those adorable childhood photos. Turns out those photos were also a sign of things to come with the video, in which the guys adorably recreate old family photos. If that sounds super duper emotional to you, you would be very correct. I know this because I finished watching it and immediately wiped tears out of my eyes. And you know what? I'm not embarrassed.

When it comes to sentimental things related to family or friendships, I'm a wreck. Romances are hit or miss. Usually I just roll my eyes. But anything to do with looking through old photographs or remembering the good old days or thanking the people you love for making you who you are… aaaand I think I'm about to cry again. There's a reason I keep my old photo albums locked up where I can't easily get to them. I barely open the album an inch and I lose it.

So when I saw Zayn Malik recreating a photo with his little sister, I felt the first signs of a cry attack. You know when your nose starts to tingle and you know something's coming? “Is this really going to make me cry? Nah, I'll probably be fine.” But then I saw Harry Styles grinning at his mom in a bathrobe and I didn't have the strength anymore. By the time Louis Tomlinson started pacing around his living room I could barely even see it because my eyes were so clouded with tears. There weren't any cry-hiccups involved, and my face didn't scrunch up uncontrollably, but there were tears. Oh there were tears.

If you're in the mood to have your heartstrings gently tugged, you can watch the video below. Just have a tissue or a sweater sleeve or a sponge at the ready.

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