Word On The Street Says One Direction Is Breaking Up, Like For Real This Time

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Word on the Street Says One Direction Is Breaking Up  Like For Real This Time One Direction drag me down gif

As I’m sure you’re well aware by now based on the mascara that’s undoubtedly been running non-stop down your face, One Direction is on hiatus. Despite the guys’ claims that it’ll only be for 18 months or so and then they’ll be back to making music, Us Weekly is reporting that they’re actually splitting up permanently. It’s the boy band equivalent of saying “I’m just gonna rest my eyes for a few minutes” and then falling asleep for eight hours. Or dying. Actually, more like dying.

According to a source supposedly close to the band, they chose not to renew their recording contract: “The 1D thing just ran its course. They’ll remain friends, but they are exhausted and want solo careers.”

I totally knew this was going to happen, and I’ve been saying so since the hiatus was announced. I just didn’t expect it to actually happen until the 18 months were up, to soften the blow to fans. Kind of like when I hide chips from myself until I eat something healthy, and then by the time I finish a delicious salad I forgot I even wanted chips in the first place. Haha, I’m just kidding. I eat the chips one minute after I hide them. So no, this probably isn’t the gentlest way to break the news. Just ripping the band-aid off would probably have been better.

But keep in mind that this rumor hasn’t actually been confirmed by the band yet. In fact, this past November Niall has this to say to Entertainment Tonight:

“We’re not breaking up. We’re literally taking time out to see our friends and see our family, and reflect on what we’ve done over the last few years.”

Aww, Niall, you precious sugarplum. It sounds like you’re just as confused as Liz Lemon was that time her show got put on a “forced hiatus.” And now you don’t have a plan B like all the other boys, besides dyeing your hair back to brown. Bless your heart, sweet sunflower.

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