12 One Direction GIFs To Celebrate The News That They Might Get Their Own Show

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One Direction Scream(via)

But even if we can't, it doesn't matter because THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING. (Hopefully.)

One Direction Happy Dance(via)

Yes, yes it is. Try to keep yourselves under control and bring it down a little bit.

One Direction Screaming(via)

Or don't. It's really up to you.

One Direction Louis' Suspenders(via)

It's gonna be a lot of Louis showing off and Niall Horan cracking up. That I can promise you.

One Direction Dressing Room Dance(via)

So choose your gooniest dance move and just get down to it. Like nobody's watching.

11. Harry Styles Happy Dance(via)


12. Liam Payne Thumbs Up(via)

Because this is just the best news there could ever be.

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