12 One Direction GIFs To Celebrate The News That They Might Get Their Own Show

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One Direction Laugh(via)

Oh my god. Oh my god oh my god ohmyGOD, you guys! One Direction is getting their own reality TV show! It's gonna be a ten-part series most likely airing on British channel ITV. Oh and it hasn't been finalized yet, but I don't care, I'm celebrating anyway because this is the best idea and I want to will it into being like keeping Tinkerbell alive with clapping.

Apparently it's a multi-million dollar deal, with important people talking to other important people and inching this project closer to my television screen with every passing day:

“Producers have met with the band's representatives and it's pretty much a done deal. Details are being ironed out, including budgets and when to film. They are at the top of their game and that will translate into big ratings.”

Oh man. This is the best idea. Obviously the guys make great music, and they deserve to be super famous from that in their own right — but the most intriguing thing about them is their personalities. For me, at least, I love watching them all interact and talk about each other and goof off. It's what made me leave This Is Us with a smile on my face as if I knew them. And I'm a good five years older than the oldest member, Louis Tomlinson. I'm supposed to be impervious to their charm, but I'm just not.

So in the spirit of being unapologetically obsessed with these guys, I present TWO WHOLE PAGES OF CELEBRATION GIFS. Enjoy, and keep your fingers crossed that this deal is real and that it goes through.

One Direction Dancing(via)

Ten episodes. Hell yes.

One Direction Yay(via)

Zayn Malik might even be in a few, if you can lure him off his cat-perch on the back of that couch.

One Direction Laughing Together(via)

More than enough time to trick Liam Payne into cracking a smile, even if he is the ‘daddy' of the group.

One Direction Laughing(via)

Maybe we could use the time to talk Harry Styles into cooling it with all his fakelationships? Or at least watch him and Kendall Jenner hang out and pretend to be a real couple. Just a thought.

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