One Direction And Justin Bieber Are Trying To Make Their Combined Fanbases Spontaneously Combust With Rumored Collaboration

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One Direction collaborate Justin Bieber studio smart fans 1D family beliebersBack in the age where boy bands *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys ruled the charts and adolescent girls' hearts, you simply chose which group spoke to you better, and that was that. (Or, like me, you tried to rationalize that BSB had the more soulful songs although *NSYNC's dance moves were simply more dope.) By contrast, now that fandom has reached a fever pitch on sites like Twitter and Tumblr, it's all-out war depending which fanbase you align yourself with.

Into this troubled time steps a possible solution that's incredibly shrewd: Have seasoned teen superstar Justin Bieber collaborate with UK up-and-comers One Direction. That way, the millions of girls (and women) who buy the performers' iTunes tracks and tweet at them won't have to choose between old and new. Or, you know, the astronomical hormone levels brought about by this not-quite-confirmed announcement could just wipe out both fanbases. This experiment has its risks, after all.

Now, nothing is set in stone. But both camps have heavily hinted at working together. Here's what some of the 1D boys had to say on Twitter:

Niall Horanin the studio with our boy @justinbieber last night , its gona sound great!

Liam Payne: Got a first listen to justin biebers new album yesterday wowww big songs!!! Its gunna be a smash… Expect the unexpected 😮

Justin's manager Scooter Braun also tweeted,

studio was POPSTAR HANGOUT CENTRAL tonight. The next generation seem to be good people.

I'm impressed with how calculated this is. As One Direction's popularity grows, it's clear that they'll soon eclipse the Biebs—probably by this summer, actually. So for him to add 1D to his upcoming list of collaborators keeps him relevant while still helping them out. After all, Simon Cowell‘s blessing and training on The X Factor only takes you so far; to get approval from the “Boyfriend” singer guarantees that they'll catch any fans who may have fallen through the cracks. We never saw this kind of “you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours” with BSB and *NSYNC.

Side note: Did you know that Niall Horan once met Justin and his girlfriend Selena Gomez? We stumbled across this twitpic while writing this post:

Niall Horan Justin Bieber Selena Gomez

At least, I'm pretty sure it's not a manip. Hopefully we'll be seeing more photos like this soon!