In Case You Forgot How Young The Boys Of One Direction Are, Harry Styles’ Stupid Tattoo Should Remind You

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Our fave boy toys from One Direction stopped by famous tattoo artist Kat Von D's place in L.A and helped themselves to some ink. While I'll excuse Zayn Malik's microphone for now, I can't do the same for Harry Styles.

Harry, baby doll, apple of my eye, what were you thinking when you chose that star and the Temper Trap “Sweet Disposition” lyric, “won't stop till we surrender.” I know you think it's super deep right now, but it's not. I just know too many people saving up to get their “you don't understand anything, this song means everything to me” lyrics lasered off.

Perhaps you should go with one of your own songs next time. Those lyrics will always mean something. Even when you're starring on HGTV shows for washed-up celebrities like Vanilla Ice in your forties. You'll always be able to look at those lyrics and remember you used to be someone. Someone who girls went absolutely wild for and bloggers in their twenties eagerly wrote about each day.

Oh teenagers and their silly tattoos. So full of meaning and wisdom. For a few years. Then full of stupidty and regret a few years later. Isn't that what it means to be a teenager in this wonderful country. You get a tattoo that you know will give you meaning for the rest of your life only to discover that a  shooting star that's coming out of your ex-boyfriend's mouth actually depresses you every time you see yourself naked.

Oh, to be young and stupid again! What an unappreciated time in our lives. A time when I would have proudly waltzed into high school with Harry Styles tattooed on my cheek.

Let's all go back to high school right now! Anyone?

(Photos: ONTD)