Fans Throw Tampons At One Direction And They’re Shockingly Not Flattered By It

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One Direction in concert Machester March 2013

Today in “OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH FANS THESE DAYS” news, at a recent One Direction concert in San Jose, fans decided the best way to express their love for the group would be to throw tampons at them. That's right, as in feminine hygiene products. And according to the Mirror, the boys were not thrilled about it. Zayn Malik was even caught on camera making a face while a tampon sat lonely on the stage beside him. Since I've already gone multiple sentences without clarifying and you're probably very concerned, I should mention that no, the tampons had not been used. I know, right? How polite.

We can all agree that this is gross, correct? I mean, it would obviously be grosser if the tampons were used, but it's still pretty gross. And on top of that, how is this flattering? How does this show that you love someone and they should love you back? I'm already of the opinion that getting hit in the face with a stranger's panties isn't exactly flattering either, but I can at least acknowledge that in that case the intention seems to be a nice one. But as far as I can remember throwing a tampon at someone is the opposite of nice. Would these girls throw tampons at their boyfriends? Is that some new way teenagers are courting each other now? Instead of passing notes in class asking someone to check off whether they like you, a girl just hurls a tampon across the room and prays that it hits the correct boy's head? And if it doesn't, too bad because you're getting married now?

It seems like these girls are just reaching into their purses, grabbing the first thing their fingers touch and throwing it onstage as if it's a beautiful token of their love. Like the Justin Bieber fan who sacrificed her phone. Except in this case, putting a tampon down one's pants is much more appropriate than doing so with a phone. If you're a girl, that is. If it were my bag they were reaching into, Harry Styles would get hit with approximately 57 movie ticket stubs and a few of those little socks you use to try on shoes at Payless. Romance!

Apparently this isn't the first time this has happened. At a Nottingham concert last year, the same thing happened, and you absolutely MUST watch the video below, because Harry's reaction is priceless. The tampon hits the Styles at approximately one minute in. At least we now know this isn't an exclusively British or American problem., although that just means it'll be harder to solve.

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