17 On-Screen TV Pregnancies That Were Actually Real

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Having a character on a TV show get pregnant can make or break a show. Sometimes the kids don't really show up much, like on Friends. And sometimes they act as a super strange plot device like on The Vampire Diaries. Either way, they are a surefire way to shake a TV show up. But sometimes an on-screen pregnancy isn't only happening on-screen — it's happening in real life as well!

Plenty of actresses have pulled double-duty, being pregnant on-screen and off. Many of their pregnancies were written into the show, but it's truly a shock when they just happened to serendipitously line up with the plot… divine intervention perhaps? Regardless, instead of covering up their baby bumps during filming, they got to show off their growing bellies. There are plenty of actresses becoming real-life mamas just as their characters were. Talk about art imitating life… or the reverse!