20 On-Screen Couples With the Absolute Worst Chemistry

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Acting is hard. Actors and actresses have to fake their emotions. They have to repeat the same lines over and over again until their director deems it “just right.” They have to work with people they despise and still must pretend they are best friends for the cameras — both during filming and after for press tours. It might seem like a cushy job, but honestly, it sounds exhausting. Some people make it look effortless, but others can’t seem to fake it.

Those folks who can’t seem to make us believe that they love their on-screen partner get categorized into the group of worst on-screen couples. Sometimes, these pairings just cannot conjure the magic, because the actors have zero chemistry. There are many reasons why this can happen, either the actors actually hate each other, don’t find each other sexually attractive, see one another as *like family*, just aren't good actors, or a variety of other reasons. Whatever they may, lack of chemistry can completely ruin a movie or TV show for the audiences.