Let’s Decide Which City Should Host The 2020 Olympics Based On These Cool Promo Videos

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Olympics Tokyo 2020

Hey, you, over there! How old are you right now? Well, you don't have to tell me out loud, just think it to yourself. Okay, now add seven to that number. That's how old you're going to be during the 2020 Olympics, but we already have a reason to talk about it. Scared yet? Good. It's good to be scared by things. Anyway, allow me to elaborate. The host city for the 2020 Summer Olympics will be announced September 7, and the finalists (Istanbul, Tokyo and Madrid) all created promotional videos showing us why the games should take place in their city. And they all have great selling points, so it's very hard to pick which one it should be.

Since we're a pop culture site I'm excited to focus on the non-sportsy aspects of these cities. Because even though I've heard sports are kind of important to the Olympics, they don't mean anything unless you've got the Spice Girls at your Closing Ceremony… or whatever each city's equivalent is. Let's go through each city one by one and outline the selling points in their video, shall we? Judge for yourself below.

Istanbul, Turkey

  • Rihanna's “Diamonds” playing in the background. (She's the coolest, so that makes them cool.)
  • Coffee. (Always cool.)
  • Artsy shots of shadows. (A sign of the Opening Ceremony style?)
  • Gorgeous, sweeping establishing shots. (I want to go to there.)
  • Time-lapse photography. (Did I mention this video's cool?)
  • Great night life. (Gotta keep those athletes entertained.)
  • Culture. Basically a whole lotta culture.

Tokyo, Japan

  • Awesome guitar music. (They're cool, too!)
  • Animation involving floating hearts. (Whoa, creativity.)
  • Technology. (Weird tablet things? What is this?!)
  • Sports. (Lots and lots of sports. Which is important I guess.)
  • A slogan: “Discover tomorrow.” (Getting cocky, are we?)
  • Basically a lot of sports, which… meh.

Madrid, Spain

  • Quiet piano music. (I'm intrigued.)
  • Alien-like floating lights soaring around the city. (What does it all mean?!)
  • Shopping! (Gotta appeal to people's wallets.)
  • Picasso. (Touche, Madrid. Pulling out the big guns.)
  • Another slogan: “Illuminate the future.” (Oh, I get it now.)
  • Overall, minimalist and pretty. Me likey.

I just don't know, you guys. Istanbul appeals to the hipster in me, Tokyo appeals to the fact that the Olympics are about sports, and Madrid appeals to my burning desire to travel around Europe. I guess we'll just have to wait and see… and then wait another seven years to see more.