Look At This Photo Of Olivia Wilde And Explain How There Was A Baby In There Last Week

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Olivia Wilde Jason Sudeikis Ms Foundation Women of Vision Gala May 2014

Olivia Wilde gave birth to a baby boy named Otis just over a week ago. And yet, based on this new photo of her and husband-to-be Jason Sudeikis on the red carpet at the Ms. Foundation Women of Vision Gala in New York City last night, I'm starting to suspect we time traveled a year into the future. Either that or I hallucinated that entire “Olivia Wilde is pregnant” thing, as well as the whole “Olivia Wilde has a baby now” thing. Because holy cannoli, there was a baby in there?! Last week?!

First of all, the idea of giving birth to a living person and then posing for photographs at a nice event the next week is like my worst nightmare. I've never given birth, but I think I'd be a sweaty, messy, exhausted shell of a human for quite some time afterward. Yet there Olivia is, looking like she ate rays of sunshine for breakfast with a glass of rainbows to wash it down. E! Online says she “glows,” and that really is the only appropriate verb for what she's doing in that photo up there.

Not only that, but that post-baby-body looks more like a “Baby? What baby? I never had a baby, you're imagining that” body. I know that not having a baby in your belly anymore tends to make a big difference in terms of flatness, but damnnnn (all those extra ns were completely necessary, yes). Lookin' good, girlfriend. I think even little baby Otis is staring at this photo on his baby computer (which I'm just assuming all infants have these days — it's the 21st century, after all) and wondering how this happened: “Do I even exist?”

And on another, unrelated note, can we just take a second to appreciate the fact that Jason and Olivia are practically wearing matching jackets? Ugh, these two hotties. Honestly, how rude.

(Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Ms. Foundation For Women)