Olivia Wilde Talks About Designing Her Own Pubic Hair For A Nude Scene, And It Sounds Super Fun

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Olivia Wilde Talks About Designing Her Own Pubic Hair for a Nude Scene  and It Sounds Super Fun Olivia Wilde Seth Meyers March 2016 jpg

Olivia Wilde stars on the HBO series Vinyl, in which she gets naked. Cue everyone reading this post suddenly running to subscribe to HBO. Just wait a second, I need to talk to you about something first. Last night Olivia was on Late Night With Seth Meyers, and the two of them talked about nude scenes. Seth tells a very funny anecdote about his mission to catch sight of a boob on late-night cable when he was a kid, and Olivia talks about the preparation that personally went into filming said late-night boob scenes. Namely, designing her own pubic hair.

Olivia wore something called a merkin, which is basically a pubic hair wig. The purpose was to help her, to use Gwyneth Paltrow’s infamous words, “rock a ’70s vibe.” Olivia says she really liked the merkin, because it made her feel less naked. There was apparently even a “merkin wall” on set, one for each lady getting naked on the show. Not only that, but Olivia said she got to design her own. Then she says what will probably be the funniest thing both you and I will hear all day today, and possibly all weekend: “It’s Build-A-Bush.”

Wow, first Anna Kendrick talks about getting to choose her butt double for a movie, and now Olivia Wilde is revealing the process behind creating a wig for your private parts. Being an actor sounds like such a creatively rewarding career path, doesn’t it? I wonder if Dakota Johnson got to collaborate with the visual effects artists who created her digital pubic hair for Fifty Shades of Grey. Do you think HBO will now open a Build-A-Bush pop-up shop to promote the show? Doesn’t this whole story just make you want to go out and create something? Ah, art.