Olivia Wilde Feels Pretty Comfortable In Her Own Skin, Which Is Good Because She Has Some Quality Skin

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Olivia Wilde InStyle August 2013Incredibly-good-looking human being Olivia Wilde recently told InStyle that she feels totally comfortable in her own skin. Which is good to hear because skins don't get much better than hers. But they do get a lot worse. Trust me, I've seen some bad ones come poking around these parts. Skins so bad that Olivia Wilde would run away shrieking in horror at the mere sight of them. So like I said, it's good to hear the cover girl tell the magazine, “I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin.”

InStyle's so impressed with her statement that they call her confidence inspiring. After all, if a beautiful and successful person like Olivia can exude confidence, anyone can! And should! What's holding you back from feeling comfortable in your skin? Is it too tight? Did you forget to moisturize? You did, didn't you. That's okay, I'm sure Olivia occasionally forgets too. I have no doubts that her fiance Jason Sudekis has to occasionally ask her to adjust her skin so it fits more comfortably on her frame.

“Wrap it around you like a flannel-lined-curve-hugging snuggie,” I'm sure he tells her during the rare moments when she expresses discomfort.

You remembered that she's engaged to Jason Sudekis, right? You know him — the good looking funny guy from Saturday Night Live. While a lot of people responded to their engagement with, “he must be really funny,” I always found them to be evenly matched. (Especially after learning that he brought her vagina back from the brink of death.) He's no Ryan Gosling, but his skin ain't too shabby either. Also, like Olivia, he has a long list of movies coming out this year and next — which should make the two of them quite the box office power couple. So yeah, I get why Olivia's feeling good in her own skin. Things are going pretty, pretty well for her. Or I guess what I'm trying to get at is if I can maybe, one time, borrow her skin, take it for a ride and see how it feels.