Oliver James Praises Hilary Duff

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Oliver James Praises Hilary Duff zumaphotos830913 raise your voice l jpgOliver James co-starred with Hilary Duff in Raise Your Voice as Jay Corgan, a boy eventually comes to date Hilary’s character, Terri Fletcher, despite some drama, and who writes a song with her in memory of her brother. Together they sing ‘Someone’s Watching Over Me’. Oliver recently talked to 411mania about his movie, Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling, which was released to DVD in mid-January.

In the interview, the topic of Hilary Duff came up. They asked what Oliver remembers about working with Hilary and he said:

“I just remember that we had a fun time. It was the first time that I’d shot a movie in the states, and she was a very sweet girl. I think she was sixteen then or just seventeen. I just remember having fun working with her and her being a very nice girl.”

The also asked Oliver about his impression about how Hilary has handled the limelight in Hollywood. Oliver talks about the importance of making your acting career last a lifetime – that young actors can keep working until their 60s or 70s if they handle their careers properly.

“I think if you approach it with the attitude that Hilary… [has] and there’s a lot of young actors that take their craft seriously and I think that’s important. I have absolute admiration for what they’ve done. It’s not an easy business, so to have had success in it is incredibly commendable.”

Here is Hilary Duff as Terri Fletcher & Oliver James as Jay Corgan performing ‘Someone’s Watching Over Me’:

Here’s a photo of Oliver James from Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling:

Oliver James Praises Hilary Duff without paddle jpg

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