18 Classic Old Hollywood Movies You Need to Watch

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Mirisch Company

We're in an exciting time for film. CGI has taken special effects to magical new places and there are more ways than ever to see films. (Thank you, Netflix.) As fantastic as new releases are, they sometimes don't stop us from getting nostalgic for the golden days of Old Hollywood.

Back in the Old Hollywood heyday, special effects really didn't exist. And no one would have any idea what you were talking about if you started yapping about 3D films. Heck, a lot of the films produced back then were considered cutting edge if they were made in full color. They might be lacking by today's technical standards of filmmaking, but they certainly didn't lack in good acting or entertainment. That's why it's so enjoyable to pop in an old DVD (or even a VHS) to reminisce about Old Hollywood. And, of course, there are all the drool-worthy costumes and sets to admire, too.