OK Go’s Trippy New Music Video Is So Cool You’ll Want To Watch It Over And Over

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Ok Go The Writing's On the Wall music video June 2014

Remember a few years ago when the band OK Go put out that music video for “Here It Goes Again” featuring them doing a choreographed dance on treadmills, all in one take? If you thought nothing they ever did after that could reach that level of coolness, I'm pleased to show you their new video for “The Writing's On the Wall.” It's also in one take, which is impressive enough, but it also happens to be full of optical illusions and general trippiness. You're definitely going to want to hit replay as soon as it's over, both to listen to the catchy song and to analyze how they hell they did it.

The first few illusions might make you a little disoriented, but they're not too confusing. “Oh,” you'll say, “I see, they set up all those objects in the perfect position to make them form a flat shape at a certain angle. Cool beans.” But then the video really gets going, with painted shapes and mirror tricks and boxes that aren't actually boxes and upside down things that aren't really upside down and just general artsy awesomeness. If you're anything like me, you'll be ooh-ing and ahh-ing your way through the whole thing.

But of course, I'm a total sucker for this stuff. All I can think of when I watch this is Michel Gondry, who's directed movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and also music videos similar to this one. I'm obsessed with this homemade style. It's clear how much work went into getting this video just right — from making sure the band members were in the right place at the right time to putting the camera in the perfect position and moving it at the right speed and on top of all that doing it in a single take — but of course they make it look totally effortless.