OK Go Covers ‘The Muppet Show’ Theme Song for Muppets-Themed ‘Green Album’

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OK Go has always been forthcoming with their love for the Muppets; you can find plenty of YouTube videos of the bandmates having a staring contest with Animal, or gleefully meeting Kermit the Frog. So we were psyched when we found out that not only are they part of The Green Album, a collection of covers of Muppets-related songs by artists like The Fray and Hayley Williams, but they also had the honor of performing the theme song. It's a little rougher than the version we grew up with, but you can tell it's a labor of love.

The Green Album is not the official soundtrack for the Disney movie that's coming out November 23; that will be released on November 22. You can pre-order it now (it comes out on August 23) and depending how much you're willing to pay, you could also snag a T-shirt and movie poster. Here's the cover art and tracklist: