Oh Noes: An Ambulance Was Called To Honey Boo Boo’s House Last Night During Christmas Toy Drive

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Poor Sugar Bear!  The patriarch of the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo clan got dressed up as Santa last night as part of the family's annual toy drive for underprivileged kids in the area.   Unfortunately, he was unable to fully participate because he began feeling sick and was allegedly worried about his blood pressure.  Have no fear, Honey Boo Boo fans, it was just a scare and he's feeling better today.

Gee, I can't imagine why he'd be having health problems given the family's extensive diet and exercise plan.  Not that I can really pass judgement; once winter hits I turn into a Little Debbie-devouring machine and fall asleep on the couch by 7 p.m.  If this health scare was a result of poor diet or stress, I hope it at least serves as a wake-up call to their community to start bobbing for lower-sodium pig feet.

There is a bright side to this story, though: how awesome is it that Mama June, Sugar Bear and the rest of the family hosts an annual toy drive?  I love this family.  This year, they collected $3,200 worth of toys for local kids.

Earlier this fall, Alana Thompson‘s Facebook page explained why they're feeling extra giving this holiday season:

“She's decided to take all her money that she has saved & any money that she gets from now until Christmas and use it to buy even more toys for under privileged kids. Last year we helped 108 families & this year we'd love to double or triple that!”


As much as I adore her, I never thought I'd say she inspires me of all things.  Here's hoping Sugie and Co. have a happy and healthy holiday!  (P.S. I'm still waiting for my invitation, Mama June.)


(Photo: WENN)