Oh My God, Is Lindsay Lohan Making Out With Her Mom?

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Well, here's some new nightmare fuel for you: in this photograph, Lindsay Lohan appears to be French kissing her own mother, Dina Lohan. That can't actually be what's going on here, right? This is just a weird angle? And Dina's totally just whispering some motherly advice (“save yourself for marriage”) in Lindsay's ear? Right?

The alternative is too unsettling to even consider. Another issue at hand here, however, is all the partying Dina and Lindsay do together. I'm no Dr. Drew, but I can't imagine a crowded club is the ideal place for mother/daughter bonding if you're a recovering addict who has relapsed in the past. Just last week, Dina and Lindsay hosted a fashion week party together — and later that night, Lindsay was seen hurling glasses across the room in a fit of rage.

Whatever Lindsay and Dina are doing here, it looks like they're up to no good.

(via BuzzFeed)