18 Honestly HORRIBLE Things Michael Scott Did on The Office

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It's safe to say that in The Office, Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, thinks of himself the best boss/human ever (just look at his infamous coffee mug). But those who know and work with him are well-aware that he can test your patience like no one else with his badly-timed jokes, his insensitivity and his blatant ignorance…just to name a few. Whether it's bullying Toby or running Meredith over with his car, he's left quite an impact (pun intended). As seen below, he's had at least one cringe-worthy moment with each character on the show, enough for them to report him to Toby (big difference that makes!) or straight-out call him on his nonsense. While sometimes he definitely means well, other times his quote-unquote “jokes” and pranks go a little too far.