Of Course It’s Olivia Munn Who’s Infiltrated the Boys’ Club of Stripper Movie Magic Mike

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It had to end someday: We've started to hear reports of which actresses are joining Steven Soderbergh‘s sausage fest stripper movie Magic Mike. Should we really be surprised that one of the movie's first actresses is Olivia Munn? This is the woman who's gotten her breaks by presenting herself as the woman keeping up with the guys in predominantly male programs like Attack of the Show! and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

This isn't a commentary on how hard she's worked to progress from geeky news correspondent to comedian to actress. But it sure is ironic that when you look at a movie like Magic Mike — where we were so distracted by so much shirtless goodness that we didn't even contemplate women as part of the story — it's unconventional trailblazer Olivia who's risen to the challenge. She'll play Amber, the woman who stands by Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) as he trains his protege (Alex Pettyfer) and rails against the exploitation of stripper-turned-club-owner Matthew McConaughey. Behind every great man, we guess…

Oh, but Olivia's not the only actress who's signed on: Riley Keough was technically announced first. She plays Alex's love interest, but see how she doesn't garner the same reaction.