Octomom Has Created A Single (Or Maybe Just Topless Cover Art For One)

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As part of her ongoing quest to feed her kids by the most humiliating means possible, Nadya “Octomom” Suleman has decided to venture into modern times' most profitable arena: trying to be a pop star.

Or rather, she's planning to venture into it. She's still putting the finishing touches on her debut single, “Sexy Party,” which I can only assume will be the single best product of Western culture since Courtney Stodden‘s modern pop masterpiece “Don't Put It On Me.” Greatness takes time, people. But one thing that doesn't take time is sticking some crosses on the wall and letting guest star/reality TV person Adam Barta make a smug (frightened?) duck face as he cups your boobs in a believably platonic fashion, so there you have it. Bam! Cover art!

In other Octomom news, she is now offering her services as a date in return for cold, hard cash, so you should act quickly if you want to start dating Octomom before she becomes a worldwide megastar. The song drops September 4, so time's a wastin'!

(Via The Sun)