October: The Month of the Hunk

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What is with the month of October?  It seems that most hot guys in Hollywood are born in this awesome month, which also just happens to be the month of my birth as well!  October just loves ridiculously good looking people!

This amazing month boasts the birthdays of actors, singers, models and billionaires, too!  Is it just a coincidence that October is also the month of the Scorpio, the sexiest of all the zodiac signs?  Hmm… I think not!

Let's see who we've got.

My all time favorite!  Matt Damon born October 8, 1970, seen here in NYC filming The Adjustment Plan co-starring Emily Blunt.


My high school favorite:  Eminem, born October 17, 1972.  Plastic surgery anyone?


Youngest Hunk:  Zac Efron, born October 18, 1987, seen here on location in Vancouver filming The Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud.


Owner of the ultimate ‘O' face:  John Mayer, who's new album Battle Studies is set to drop very soon.


Oh shut up!  You know you would in a second!  He's got like a baggillion dollars.  Born October 28, 1955 it's none other than Bill Gates.


Images:  Bauer-Griffin