Whod’ve Thunk I’d Be So Sad To Hear O’Brien Is Leaving Downton Abbey?

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various photofest 230412If you had told me all those months ago when I first started watching Downton Abbey that I would ever be sad to see O'Brien go, I would've thrown some crumbs out of my bed at you, and gone back to feverishly chain-watching episodes in my darkened bedroom. But now, as a wiser more mature, daylight-dwelling human who has seen all three seasons, I'm genuinely disappointed to hear that Siobhan Finneran is talking about moving on from the show. According to the Associated Press, she says she “not doing any more”, which sounds pretty definitive, especially when I think back on the last couple episodes and their goings ons.¬†Merg. I didn't really want to do any spoilers, but I think I'm gonna have to in order to speculate how they'll manage to write O'Brien off the show. So here come the spoilers! They're coming! Stop reading unless you've watched all the way up to the Christmas special in the third season!

Alright, you're here, you've made it. This is spoiler country, so don't say I didn't warn you. First of all — what the eff? What is it with everyone leaving? Stop dying, you guys! Please stop! Don't get yourselves pregnant or put your bodies into cars or go to war or slip on soap or anything because people are dropping like flies. At least they probably won't kill off O'Brien…based on the tasty little hints they've been dropping, I'm betting she goes off with Shrimpie Doneagle's wife to do her hair since her own lady maid can't manage it. She seems pretty fed up with the house, and she's had no friends there ever since she and Thomas started their emotionally devastating prank war. But wherever she goes, it'll be away from us and our voracious appetites for upstairs/downstairs dramas. I guess we'll have to hope someone else digs up their evil streak. Maybe Ivy or Daisy or some other creeping vine? We'll see.

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