Here’s Why *NSYNC Spelled Their Name With A Star, In Case You Were Wondering

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Here s Why  NSYNC Spelled Their Name With a Star  in Case You Were Wondering NSYNC dance gif

One of the greatest mysteries of my childhood was why *NSYNC spelled their name with a star. Okay, that’s a lie. The greatest mysteries of my childhood mostly involved why the D in the Disney logo looked so weird to me, what dark magic was used to make Bagel Bites taste so good, and how to use the letter “elemenope.” But whether or not you or I have ever wondered why the group used a star (or an asterisk, depending) instead of just an apostrophe, you’ll still probably be interested in finding out the answer.

Joey Fatone recently explained the decision to Huffington Post, and it turns out it all has to do with a psychic prediction from illusionist Uri Geller.

“The funny thing is, Uri Geller, who bends spoons … We saw him in the U.K., and this is when we were obviously establishing *NSYNC, and he goes, ‘I see something. It has to do with suns or stars or something with astronomy in your career.’ And it’s funny, a year later when we did the first album, for America, they had a star in it.”

Joey wasn’t sure if Uri had given them the idea, or if he’d simply predicted it. Lucky for all of us ’90s kids who demand answers, HuffPost spoke to Geller about the rumor, and he cleared a few things up.

“We sat down and I wrote, on a napkin, NSYNC, and I drew a star in the cafe [in Covent Garden]. And I told them, if they place that star on their first CD, they’re going to shoot up to No. 1.”

Well, the self-titled album actually ended up being No. 2 on the Billboard chart, so the whole thing isn’t that spooky, but it is an explanation. Geller explains that he “thought that a star would bring them that connection to see the synchronicities of the universe of success,” and believes that him writing it down “gave them that subliminal push to go for it.”

Or, you know, maybe they would have been successful with or without the whole star situation. It’s kind of like when you get a fortune in a fortune cookie that tells you you’re going to become rich very soon, and a day later you find a nickel on the sidewalk and think the cookie’s prophecy has come true. Still, cool story.

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