Here’s the *NSYNC Reunion, But Don’t Blink Or You’ll Miss It

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Nsync reunion mtv vmas 2013

After rumors started floating around earlier this week that *NSYNC would be reuniting at the 2013 VMA Awards tonight, the boys (who are now very much men) shot them down. But we were alll like, "okay guys, this would work if Destiny's Child hadn't tried to pull this same fake-out stunt before their Super Bowl reunion." And then on Friday they created a Twitter account and teased the kids of the '90s again with this tweet.

I'm sorry, by them, I most certainly mean Chris Kirkpatrick. That was definitely the deal that Justin Timberlake struck with the boys. He's like, "okay guys, y'all can come out and perform with me before my big award, but Chris has to do all the heavy lifting…since we did that during our boy band days for him." And Chris was all, "that's cool man, I've used the past 15 years to teach my dreads to type. So I can set up the Twitter. I can do other things too since I'm 41-years-old. Like fill out an application to lease a car and text the fourth guy from 98 Degrees and tease him about being even less relevant than me."

And then it happened. The highly-anticipated reunion happened! Then it was over. Just like that. All of our collective dreams rose so, so high — and then got crushed so, so quickly. They did a good job for a bunch of middle-aged guys who aren't used to being mobile. I mean, Justin could've given them more than one song, you know? He didn't have to Michelle Williams them so quickly. Or at the very least, MTV could've given them each one charity close-up. But oh well, next up, let's give 5ive back 2gether! (See what I did there?)

So in case you missed it, here you go!

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