Now You Can Eat The Mushroom Ravioli That Bella Ate On Her First Date With Edward In Twilight

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This is some truly amazing product placement/movie tie-in karma happening here.

If you've read the first Twilight book and/or seen the movie, you might remember that along with Bella almost getting rammed by a truck and that silly scene where they play vampire baseball in a thunderstorm, there's also her and Edward's first date at an Italian restaurant. Diehard fans will recall that Bella eats a mushroom ravioli dish—and now the fans can enjoy that deliciousness in the comfort of their dorm rooms.

That's right, Washington-based restaurant Bella Italia has started packaging its famous Bella's Mushroom Ravioli™ as a frozen entree available at major grocery stores. Incredible!

Also, who knew that Stephenie Meyer did such exhaustive research? Having decided that Forks, Washington would be the setting, the Arizona-bound aspiring author called up one of their local restaurants, Bella Italia, to inquire about their menu items. (We have to wonder how much stock she put into the restaurant having the same name as her heroine…) It was kismet that their daily special was a mushroom ravioli; Stephenie wrote it into the book, and voila! Instant classic.

“Ever since then, we've had travelers from all over the world,” owner Neil Conklin says in the press release. “We've served more than 10,000 of these iconic pasta plates in the restaurant, and I wanted to make it available to everyone.” Of course, Summit shot the movie's first-date scene at Bella Italia back in 2008, encouraging even more people to visit and sample the dish. And now the restaurant is offering it in handy “heat-and-eat” form. Here are the stats:

  • each package is 20 ounces, which is enough for two people
  • mushroom ravioli in a besciamella sauce with more mushrooms
  • it's made from fresh, all-natural ingredients “inspired by” the cuisine in Washington
  • costs $10.99

If they're not selling at your grocery store, you can also order packages online.

And consider, even if you're not a Twihard, that some of the proceeds go to the Quileute Tribal School and Forks High School—other real places that Stephenie worked into her books.