Kim Kardashian Cuts North Out Of A Selfie, Because Who Cares About Babies Anyway?

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Kim Kardashian and North West's forehead in Instagram photo January 2014You know what the annoying thing about babies is? (Kim Kardashian does, I know you're with me girl.) It's that they're always trying to sneak into your selfies and steal the attention of the media that's rightfully yours! It's so totally unfair.

There Kim was, trying to take a normal good morning shot for her 12.5 million followers when who should show up, but North West. Only six months old, and already she thinks she owns the place. It couldn't have been more than three seconds between when Kim picked up the phone and took the photo, but in that time, kicked open the door, leapt up on Kim's bed, and was almost all the way into the frame by the time the shot was captured.

I mean the kid is a real handful. Even when she's down for a nap, she bolts awake and hits the ground running whenever she hears a parent's fingers closing around an iPhone. Kim and Kanye live in almost constant fear of her invading their selfies. I mean come on, she has her whole forehead and an entire eyebrow in this one, and that was with no notice. Think of what she'll do once she's seven months old and learns to drive a car. The paparazzi won't have a moment's peace, what with North driving at them and insisting that they document her tea party. With a whole table full of invisible friends that nobody can even SEE.

I mean are you kidding me, North? What are we, your servants? Kim has already posted ten whole pictures of you over your entire lifetime — isn't that enough? When are you gonna get over it and let her have her life back? JEEZ.

(Photo: Instagram)