No One Wants To Date Kate Gosselin Because She’s Kate Gosselin

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Remember Kate Gosselin, the TLC reality star turned chainsaw-haired diva? Someone accidentally told her she was allowed to come back on TV and torture us with her sorrows. I don't see any other 15-minutes-of-fame reality stars trying to edge their way back into our vocabulary.

How did she manipulate the media into caring again?

She went on Dr. Drew's Lifechangers this Wednesday and complained that no one wants to date the single mom of 8 young children. As if everyone should feel sorry for the single mom in the mansion. On the difficulties of finding a good man, she says:

 “The odds are so against me – one mom and eight kids,” she said. “I mean, I don't expect someone to come in and financially provide for my kids. I mean, they're mine, that's my job. So – just to have somebody there.”

Here's the thing though. After seeing Kate Gosselin on her former TLC reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8 and hearing her speak in several interviews during her media blitz, I don't think the 8 kids is the problem. Sure it's definitely an issue, but I think the biggest thing stopping Kate Gosselin from dating is Kate Gosselin.

Just look at this compilation of Kate being Kate:

While I'm sure there's some kind of dating site out for parents of multiples (likely started by TLC in hopes of getting a new show out of it), I don't think dating should be Kate's focus right now. Parenting her children should be her first priority. Not because of any outdated “single moms can't date” society  rules, but more because she needs to make up for a lot of foul parenting choices.

Unless of course, she wants all 8 of those memoirs that her children are sure to write to paint her in an even worse light.