No More French Fries

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Hilary Duff is boasting a new svelte physique, after cutting French fries from her diet.

The singer recently decided to cut the potato food out of her diet, and she’s amazed at how quick she’s able to reap the benefits.

Duff says, “I’ve made myself be really good for the last couple of months. I used to be obsessed with French fries. Like I’m the biggest French fry person in the world. I could eat French fries all day.

“I’ve been eating a little bit all throughout the day and I saw such a big difference so fast! Now I’m like, ‘Yes, this is awesome!’ And I’m still full all the time.”

But Duff insists she’ll never become a waif, adding, “I think it’s feminine to not be so skinny. I like to look normal and I think it’s also important for girls who look up to me to see that.”

Cutting out potatoes is one thing. That would have reduced the girlish roundness she had. But this is more than potatoes. This is major diet and exercise showing up!

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I think she’s gone a little to waif-like. Her legs and collarbone, not to mention her arms, are very very thin. More bone than muscle. No fat left. I think the legs say it all. Hilary, I love that you are a role model for girls, but I think you’ve taken off far more than you realize. Perhaps you were just too ambitious. Get healthy, girl! It’s ok not to exercise for hours a day.