Ninja Turtle Watermelon-O-Lanterns Are The Best Jack-O-Lantern Substitutes Ever

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Ninja Turtle Watermelon O Lanterns Are the Best Jack O Lantern Substitutes Ever Ninja Turtle watermelons 640x382 jpgIn case you weren’t aware, Hurricane Irene severely damaged this year’s pumpkin crop. This is perhaps unsurprising, but sad all the same—although I’ll admit that I AM giggling a little over the fact that some pumpkins are so waterlogged that they’re literally exploding. For reals.

That aside, though, it’s been tough to carve jack-o-lantern this year. There are myriad alternatives floating around as ideas– everything from gourds to apples– but THIS has to be, hands down, the BEST pumpkin substitute ever: Watermelons. Not just any watermelons, though. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE WATERMELONS. Because if you’re carving something green, you may as well use that to your advantage, right?

Have a mean, green Halloween!