Ninja Turtle Watermelon-O-Lanterns Are the Best Jack-O-Lantern Substitutes Ever

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In case you weren’t aware, Hurricane Irene severely damaged this year’s pumpkin crop. This is perhaps unsurprising, but sad all the same—although I’ll admit that I AM giggling a little over the fact that some pumpkins are so waterlogged that they’re literally exploding. For reals.

That aside, though, it’s been tough to carve jack-o-lantern this year. There are myriad alternatives floating around as ideas– everything from gourds to apples– but THIS has to be, hands down, the BEST pumpkin substitute ever: Watermelons. Not just any watermelons, though. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE WATERMELONS. Because if you’re carving something green, you may as well use that to your advantage, right?

Have a mean, green Halloween!