Nina Dobrev Goes Topless For Obamacare, And It’s Weird The President Asked For That

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Nina Dobrev topless for Obamacare insurance  get covered October 2013With the governmental shutdown still in full effect, it sure is weird to see what President Obama has his focus on. I'd expect him to be delivering speeches and kissing babies and just generally keeping his eye on the prize, but apparently he's texting back and forth with Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev, asking her to please take off her shirt in the name of Obamacare and patriotism in general.

I don't have proof that the two even have each others' numbers, but what else could have possibly enticed Nina to thrust her breasts into action and start her very own hashtag, #GetCovered, to further the cause. She posted a photo to her WhoSay account yesterday of herself topless in her trailer with a cardboard sign saying #getcovered (actually, if I'm being completely accurate, it says #getCoverEd, because she clearly ran out of room while making it and had to squeeze that last ‘e' in there) covering her naughty bits. And then she captioned the photo with:

“Im Canadian. We have healthcare for all. If you dont have insurance go to http://say.ly/cdi6TN2 and #GetCovered ,Because w/o it, youre naked”

Don't get me wrong — I'm all about Obama and the Affordable Care Act, but what an odd choice of ways to publicize it. I mean it's smart and all, but it's not like every celebrity was doing this, like the duct tape over the mouth thing for Prop 8. This is just one lady recruiting her breastesses to a cause, maybe hoping to start a movement? I don't know.

That's why I'm choosing to believe that it was Obama who told her to do it. You know, they'd been going back and forth pretty frequently since Nina needed so much consoling post-break-up with Ian Somerhalder, with Obama being like, “Girl, I get it, but you have to give the American people something real to believe in. This is a time of change, and you are worth it. But while I have you here, would you mind taking your shirt off for Obamacare if you have a second? The republicans are totes breathing down my neck now that my fake-lationship with them has been exposed, but I guess you know all about that, don't you? Plus, my topless photos never get as many likes as yours, so just do me a solid, wouldya girl?”

Truly a friendship for the ages.

(Image: WhoSay)