Meet Nikki Williams, The Up-And-Comer Who Co-Wrote Demi Lovato’s Song ‘Heart Attack’

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Meet Nikki Williams  The Up And Comer Who Co Wrote Demi Lovato s Song  Heart Attack  Nikki Williams Glowing music video screen shot 2013 640x360 pngIf you don’t currently know who Nikki Williams is,  welcome to the brief and rapidly shrinking window of time where you can learn about her before she blows up and still say you knew about her before she was cool. Well actually, she’s already cool, so better luck next time with that. You might’ve heard of her as the co-writer for Demi Lovato‘s new track ‘Heart Attack’, — the song for which she’s sporting tiny black hands in the music video, and which my co-workers can attest that I’ve been listening to non-stop ever since it came out. But in addition to dabbling in writing for other artists, Nikki has her own music as well. Her as yet untitled album will be out later this year, and for now she’s just released the music video for her song ‘Glowing’, which you can find below:

It’s very different from ‘Heart Attack’, and from Nikki’s other well-known song ‘Kill Fuck Marry‘, which I just heard for the first time and kind of love. (Unsurprisingly, considering it was written by Sia, one of my main musical girl crushes.) Anyway, this girl is a gifted writer and performer in her own right, and you should definitely know about her. But don’t stress out if you’re still ignorant of her talent, because today is your lucky day! We’ll be chatting live with Nikki today at 4:00pm on Crushable’s Facebook page! We’ll start things off with a couple questions we’ve been dying to get the answers to (like how many times in a row can you listen to ‘Heart Attack’ before your co-workers should be seriously concerned about you?) and then turn things over to you guys to chime in with anything you want to know. Seriously guys, this is an awesome opportunity, so don’t miss it! I figure I can fit in approximately fifteen more repetitions of this song beforehand, but only if I leave now. See you at 4:00!