It’s A Dark Day When Even Nikki Reed Doesn’t Remember What Twilight Was About

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Nikki Reed attending Hurricane Sandy relief event October 2013It's a simple math equation — the further we get from the Twilight movies, the more people who come out of the woodwork and admit that they never liked the franchise in the first place. It's like something (money) was holding them back from sharing their true feelings until now, and now that that thing (money) is gone, they can finally speak their minds.

It's happened to Robert Pattinson and even Stephenie Meyer in the past, but the most recent person to shake off the effects of the infamous Salary Curse is Nikki Reed, who played Rosalie Hale in the series. (She was a vampire in the Cullen coven, a fact that I hate myself for knowing.) But her post-wrap response to the movies is particularly telling, because she's not even a big star. This girl doesn't have other big projects like R-Pattz and Kristen Stewart — QUICK, name another movie that Nikki Reed has done ever — and she's still aware that maybe Twilight wasn't the best use of her time. In fact, she doesn't even really remember what the movies are about:

“I watched the first Twilight because it was on TV the other night, so I was just flipping through the channels. It’s exciting because I don’t remember what happens.”

Oh boy. When even a B-lister who was in the movie herself can't bother to A. watch the movie intentionally when it's not just randomly on television or B. make plot details stick in her mind, you know things have gotten pretty bad. I mean, how are the rest of us supposed to keep a straight face meeting Renesme for the first time knowing that a world away, Nikki is sitting in front of her own TV screen gasping, “Ooh, vampires! Scary! I wonder what happens next!”

I'm expecting a statement from the CGI wolves any day now, distancing themselves from this embarrassing project on their resumes. “Sorry we did that, guys. We were just really hard up for cash and bones at the time.”

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