Snooki Got Ordained, So I Need Her To Officiate My Wedding

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Snooki Got Ordained  So I Need Her To Officiate My Wedding snooki gif

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m super jealous of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi‘s hairstylists. But why, you ask? It has nothing to do with being able to manhandle the former Jersey Shore star’s luscious locks, but rather the fact that she’s just been ordained, so she can officiate her stylists’ nuptials. She recently tweeted:

“I’m OFFICIALLY Ordained!!! Just call me Mama Reverend. Cannot wait to marry my loves @BradleyStyleNYC & @lulu2038

Her stylists, Vidov’s Bradley Moreland and J Christopher’s Luis Miller, who have stuck with Snooki through clouds of hairspray and highlights, couldn’t be happier the guidette is marrying them. Miller, speaking to Us Magazine, said the affair will be “filled with love, happiness, surprises and excitement.”

There’s no word on whether she’s writing her own speech or if its being provided for her, but if it’s the former, I imagine it’ll go something like this:

“Hello ladies and gorillas,

I am so honored to be there today, marrying these guys. Through the years they’ve brought my pouf to new heights and it’s so great they’re going to spend the rest of their lives GTL-ing together. Now everybody fist pump!”

Can she please officiate my wedding? I would love for the phrase “yous guys” to be uttered no less than three times during the ceremony, plus she can help me perfect my wedding pouf.

Apparently I’m not the only one who wants Snooki for my nuptials — after seeing her tweet, many of her social media followers asked if she can officiate their weddings too, or baptize their children. Did 2015 just become the year of the Snooki?

(Photo: Perez Hilton)