Nicole Richie Cosmopolitian Australia Cover Girl

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Nicole Richie is the March 2010 cover girl for Cosmopolitan Australia. She looks amazing. Her hair is a lighter brown than it is now, meaning the photo was taken a while ago. I think Nicole looks great and apparently, so does she. Earlier today she twittered:

My New Cosmopolitan Australia Cover. holy hair @andylecompte!

Nicole Richie Cosmopolitian Australia Cover Girl spl147136 004 jpg

You can check out the cover at Nicole’s official website. I’m sorry I can’t post the cover here, but my hands are tied.

The cover tag line doesn’t promise anything crazy, it just reads “the day we met Nicole…” It’s nice to see a magazine not sensationalize what’s inside for the sake of sales. Meeting Nicole is exciting and interesting enough!

Image: Splash News Online