Nicole “Potty Mouth” Richie

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Nicole  Potty Mouth  Richie alloy default image jpg This from People; apparently, Nicole Richie, otherwise known as Skeletor, said some very inappropriate things to an eleven year old on the set of the “Simple Life.” More from the article:

“Nicole Richie apparently upset a Los Angeles family during a taping of The Simple Life last week by stopping an 11-year-old boy in his driveway and asking him, in graphic terms, if he found her attractive.

Two camera operators and another crew taped the exchange, during which Richie used a profane word, the Associated Press reports.”

Apparently her on-again, off-again boyfriend DJ AM is falling down on the job so Nicole is recruiting new blood for her Army of the Undead. Soon, they will trample over all our flowerbeds and eat all our Ho Ho’s, slicing open our couch cushions and playing Twister naked.

That little somewhat confusing segway was an intimate look into the sadly distorted mind of Nicole Richie, who, after having not eaten now for what, two months? Three months? can really not be expected to think clearly about her sunglass choices, let alone saying something like “Would you like to *%&$ me?” to an eleven year old. We love you Nicole…well, at least we find you interesting…..uhhh…why are you famous again? Get some help, anyway.