Nicole Kidman Saved The Placenta From Her Miscarriage To Prove Paternity

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Nicole Kidman Saved the Placenta from Her Miscarriage to Prove Paternity wenn3229987 640x960 jpgBuried in this story about Anthony Pellicano, a PI-to-the-stars who wiretapped celebrities’ phones, is a tidbit about Nicole Kidman. During her messy divorce from Tom Cruise, Nicole apparently saved the placenta from a baby she’d miscarried so that she would be able to prove that Tom was the father. Tom never flat-out accused Nicole of cheating, but there were a lot of rumors that she hooked up with her Moulin Rouge costar Ewan McGregor. Tom and Nicole have two children together, Isabella Cruise and Connor Cruise, both of whom were adopted.

To be honest, I’m not surprised that Nicole saved the placenta, but I am surprised that she didn’t do it so she could have the stuff injected into her face at some point.