Nicole Kidman Refers To Sunday As Her ‘Oldest Daughter,’ Which Is Only A Little Confusing For Bella Cruise

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Nicole Kidman Refers To Sunday As Her  Oldest Daughter  Which Is Only A Little Confusing For Bella Cruise Nicole Kidman Holding Faith Urban January 2014 jpg

For as long as I can remember, rumors have floated around that Nicole Kidman doesn’t have a good relationship with her two older children from her marriage with Tom Cruise. Yeah, that’s right, I said OLDER CHILDREN. Remember them? Isabella Cruise and Connor Cruise? They’re the Cruise children who aren’t named Suri.

After Nicole and Tom divorced in 2001, Bella and Connor seemed to live with Tom full time in California. Which wouldn’t raise any red flags if stories didn’t leak out every few years about Nicole no longer being a part of their lives. You know, stories about her kids calling her by her first name and not “mommy” or “mom” or even “mother darling.” Or even more scandalously, stories about them referring to Katie Holmes as mom. Trust me, as a gossip enthusiast I loved these stories. But I also began compiling them in my head in a box called, “huh, that doesn’t seem right.” (And BTW, this post is about Nicole. So we’re not even going to touch Scientology in this post, not even subtly by talking about Look Who’s Talking Now.)

While Nicole, Connor and Isabella continue to insist that everything’s a-ok in their relationship, Nicole’s recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live seems to say otherwise. When telling Jimmy Kimmel a story about her children with Keith Urban, she referred to Sunday as her oldest daughter. Even though it’s possible she meant oldest in regards to just 6-year-old Sunday and 3-year-old Faith, it seems strange that she said oldest and not older. After all Bella Cruise is her oldest daughter as well as her oldest child. So it should be drilled into her head by now that when she says oldest, she’s talking about Bella.

And you know what, maybe I’m reading too much into this one word. Maybe it was just a slip. Or maybe I’m onto something (very sad) here and maybe Nicole Kidman really doesn’t feel the same way toward her older children as she does her daughters with Keith Urban. And maybe, if that’s true, she should keep those feelings a little more on the DL so Bella and Connor can more easily pretend like their relationship is super duper awesome.


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