Attention, Nicki Minaj: This Charlie Sheen Clip Is What Crazy Actually Looks Like

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Last night on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Nicki Minaj discussed her feud with fellow American Idol host Mariah Carey. Her explanation for why they keep blowing up at each other? “We're both crazy.”

Forgive me for doubting, but I feel like when Nicki and Mariah fight, it has less to do with them being certifiably “crazy” and much more to do with them both having huge egos, which sadly, is way too commonplace to qualify as crazy these days. Merely calling yourself crazy does not make it so.

For an example of what crazy actually looks like, allow me to turn your attention to these clips of Charlie Sheen on Letterman:

As you can see, Charlie Sheen displays an effortless mania despite the majority of his meltdown being over (for now). He is also amazingly self-aware about his breakdown, until he's not, which kind of breaks my heart. When Dave asked him what role cocaine had played in his episode, Sheen said, “here's the confusing part: I wish it was crack cocaine. It was just…my brain kind of separated into itself, and I had to take a stand for what I knew was right.

He went on to remind us all that he'd 1.) booked a tour with no act, 2.) bombed at Radio City Music Hall (and then had to go back), and 3.) quit therapy after ten years, which may have been what precipitated it. He also admitted he's pretty embarrassed about some of the interviews he gave.

Dear Nicki Minaj: this is what “crazy” looks like. It's mental illness. It's not feeling like yourself, doing things you regret, and having a schism with reality. I think the word you are looking for might be more along the lines of “bitchy.”

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