Nicki Minaj’s Manager Cements ‘Complaining About Not Getting Nominated For A Grammy’ As Hottest New Trend In Music

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Do two instances of something make a trend? If so, there's a new trend in town called “expecting a Grammy,” and it is ON FIRE.

As you already know, Justin Bieber‘s manager Scooter Braun threw a hissy fit on Twitter  a couple of days ago when the panel failed to nominate “the kid” for a largely meaningless and irrelevant award, and today, it was manager Cortez Bryant‘s turn to throw one about his client, Nicki Minaj.

He tried to start on a positive note regarding the nominations, but his first tweet ended with a “but” bigger than Nicki's:

Who will be next? One Direction‘s manager? Katy Perry‘s? Kelly Clarkson‘s?! Personally, I'm a bit miffed that Fiona Apple wasn't nominated, if for no other reason than I'd like watch her deliver some more sincere and subversive messages from the winner's podium (it also couldn't hurt to recognize her for releasing one of the best albums of the year), but you don't see me crying about it. (At least not publicly. Sniff.)

Of course, as with most trends, Kanye West was already on this tip way back in 2005, when he warned the recording academy before noms had even been announced that “If I don't win Album of the Year, I'm gonna really have a problem with that.” Ominous! Here's hoping he shows up and does something entertainingly disruptive to rep all his fellow Grammy deservers this year, preferably while Taylor Swift is up there making her smug little “surprised face” again.

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