The ‘Rappers Looking Like Magicians’ Tumblr Shouldn’t Make So Much Sense, But It Just Does

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Rappers Looking Like Magicians Tumblr Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith

It's been a while since we've had a solid single-serving Tumblr, but I think Dave Segal is right on the money with his blog Rappers Looking Like Magicians. Such a simple concept, and yet it happens a lot more often than you would think! In short, Segal collects red carpet photos, .gifs, promotional shots, and album covers of all manner of artists — as long as they rap a few lines, they count — looking more magical than usual. We're talking floating, making things explode, and of course releasing white doves. Oh, and gesturing to their lovely assistants, as Will Smith does above.

Plus, you'll notice that a lot of rappers seem to be unconsciously drawing from these stage performers in terms of costuming. Seriously, there are a lot of snazzy suits, straitjackets, and top hats going on.

Rappers Looking Like Magicians Tumblr Taboo floating gif

This .gif of Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas‘ video “I Gotta Feeling” might be my favorite, because how does it not look like a magic trick?

Rappers Looking Like Magicians Tumblr Chad Hugo

Pharrell is cool as a cucumber even as Chad Hugo defies gravity.

Rappers Looking Like Magicians Tumblr Nicki Minaj

From the look on her face, Nicki Minaj is probably trying to vomit up the key that will free her from her straitjacket. Houdini, she ain't.

Rappers Looking Like Magicians Tumblr Birdman doves gif

Gob from Arrested Development is so jealous right now.

Rappers Looking Like Magicians Tumblr Tyler

Tyler the Creator even has tigers on his shirt. This is not a coincidence.

Rappers Looking Like Magicians Tumblr Wacka Flocka Flame punch bullet .gif

I was wrong, this is my favorite .gif of the bunch! Because as Segal writes in the caption, Flocka doesn’t just catch the bullet in this trick, he knocks it the fuck out!

Now I want to listen to “The Final Countdown.”

Photos/.gifs: Rappers Looking Like Magicians