Nicki Minaj Used Nazi Imagery In Her New Video Because No One Ever Learns Anything

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Nicki Minaj Used Nazi Imagery In Her New Video Because No One Ever Learns Anything Screen Shot 2014 11 10 at 9 54 06 AM 640x264 pngI know guys — you read that headline, and now you’re checking your watch to see if you inadvertently went back in time. But nope! It’s still 2014, and Nicki Minaj did indeed use Nazi imagery in her new video. Because what’s more fun and edgy than genocide? Facepalm.

The themes cropped up in her lyric video for her song ‘Only‘, which she released on Saturday, and you don’t have to wait long in the video to see them. It starts out with a Looney Toons-esque opening introducing the title and letting you know that Nicki collaborated on the track with Drake, Lil Wayne, and of course Chris Brown — because wherever there’s controversy, he’s never too far away! Then there’s a shot of Nicki as a cartoon in the foreground, with a radio tower and planes flying overhead, all in dark, moody shades of black, white, gray, and blood red…and then we launch right into that Nazi shit. Take a gander.

I mean COME ON. Chris Brown is fully dressed as a Nazi soldier. Sure, you never actually see a swastika, but the YM symbol for ‘Young Money’ is specifically designed to mimic it, and nobody’s gonna tell me it isn’t. Those long red pendant flags with a white circle and a black emblem inside them? And the way they’re hanging off the top of the building like that with forces gathered in the foreground? That’s an iconic image, and not in a good way. Nicki is deliberately drawing a parallel to Hitler’s Third Reich, which is not only inappropriate, but entirely unnecessary. Especially given that this is a song about whom she has and hasn’t slept with.

Just…why? It seems so avoidable when you’re making a lyric video. “Did I put the music in? Did I put the lyrics in? Did I take any and references to Adolph Hitler out?” That should be one of your first orders of business, everybody. Can’t even believe I have to tell you that.