Nicki Minaj Posts No-Makeup Topless Shower Pics, Has Really Outdone Herself This Time

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Nicki Minaj posing topless and with no makeup in Instagram photo from March 2014Nicki Minaj really does have a big old set of brass balls, you guys, because she has taken the selfie game to a whole new level.

On her Instagram last night, she posted a series of six topless photos of herself in the shower, which sounds very Nicki of her. After all, I'm so familiar with her breasts by now that I'm almost not even surprised when I come across them in the wild. They used to terrify me, but now I'm numb to them. Now I turn a corner on the internet and there I am, face to face with them, a mere computer screen and a couple pieces of well-placed tape the only things preventing us from making anatomically-impossible eye contact.

So I didn't think there was anything Nicki could do boobs-wise that could surprise me at this point, but I should not have underestimated her. BECAUSE LOOK AT THESE MASTERPIECES. Not only are they topless pics — not only are they shower pics — not only are they wet hair pics — but they're also no make-up pics. She hits the big four all in one photo, and she leaves all the other celebrities and their supposed #nofilter photos in the dust.

After all, if you really look at them, these are the sort of photos that other celebrities would panic over if they happened to be leaked. Just look at how (understandably) upset Jennette McCurdy is about the photos of her that were leaked, and she's not even naked! She's posing seductively in lingerie and actually looks very beautiful, minus the total betrayal of trust part.

But Nicki don't care! She gives zero effs. She'll take a picture of herself soaking wet, not a stitch of clothing or makeup on, wet hair plastered to the side of her head as she vaguely gazes into the camera…AND THEN SHE'LL POST IT HERSELF. Brass balls, everybody. Big old brass balls, and I love it.

(Photos: Instagram)